Vision Capture Promo Campaign is now live

15 August 2019

Over the past three years the team at TAB Trackside have been on a mission to deliver the best quality racing footage for punters. Our Vision Capture project was set up to ensure we have a long-term strategy for delivering exceptional racing footage from over a thousand live racing meetings a year, at sixty venues across the country.

After successfully moving Greyhound racing to a centralised production model with a purpose-built fixed control room, all Greyhound racing has been broadcast in high definition (HD). Two of four new HD outside broadcast (OB) vehicles have been introduced and the third and fourth HD OB trucks will be rolled out in the coming months. All domestic racing on TAB Trackside will be in HD before the end of 2019.

But the real stars of TAB Trackside are our people and now you get to meet the crew behind the camera. Filled with skill, creativity and passion for our industry, these three short clips give us an insight to what their day looks like and what the new HD capability means to them and to our customers.